With Nevada’s primary educational system being ranked last nationally (Education Week, 2014), The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation has deemed strengthening the basis of education at the primary level a top priority.

The Facts:

  • Education Week’s 2014 Quality Counts report assigned Nevada a D-grade with regard to chance of student success for the fifth year in a row since 2009. The grade of D is calculated after a close comparison of states by student performance, school financing, academic standards, and other qualities of public schools. Findings are combined with other factors — such as parents’ education level, income and language abilities — to determine children’s “chance for success” in each state.
  • Nearly 40 percent of Nevada’s high school seniors didn’t graduate on time in 2012; 4 percentage points better than the baseline year of 2006, but the percentage is still the highest failure rate in the country and double the national average (Nevada System of Higher Education, 2015).
  • Nevada’s graduation rate ranks 48 in the nation, similar to its “chance for success” ranking for students. Nevada’s graduation rate is 63 percent, compared to a 74 percent national average (Nevada System of Higher Education, 2015).
  • Nevada has the lowest preschool participation rate in the nation, with 30 percent of children receiving schooling before kindergarten compared to a national average of 46 percent (Nevada System of Higher Education, 2015).

In January 2015 Nevada’s governor, Brian Sandoval, announced $882 million in funds towards improving the state’s ailing educational system. The plan offers more funding to early literacy, school technology, technical career training, and additional monies to open new charter schools and support for students in impoverished regions of the state. However, money and inspiring youth to excel inside the classroom are two disparate things. TFMJF has established an impact plan to promote the chances of student success and reverse the current trends in our community and the state of Nevada.

The Plan:

  • Host regularly scheduled sessions where staff and boxers have an opportunity to read and speak to students in an effort to engage, teach, and inspire community youth.
  • Partner with the Clark County School District (CCSD) to provide supplies, equipment, technology and food on an as needed basis. In 2014, TFMJF proudly donated computers and gift cards to a CCSD summer achievement program that had over 250 students enrolled.
  • Execute the annual “Back to School Giveaway” which provides families with grade appropriate backpacks filled with essential school supplies as well as raffles that include laptops and more.
  • Annually award four eligible applicants the Advancement of Women in Sports & Entertainment Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 each to aid them in furthering their education as well encourage their valued participation in the field of sports & entertainment. (visit our scholarships page for more information).