The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation has deemed the “fight” for education a top priority. Our goal is to strengthen every student’s chance for success by encouraging youth to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.  It’s been proven that solely offering funding as a means of improving an ailing educational system does not directly contribute to inspiring the students to excel inside the classroom. We have taken this into consideration and established an impact plan that will enhance student success, reverse the current trends, and promote literacy and academic enrichment for generations to come.

The Plan:

  • Host regularly scheduled sessions where staff and boxers have an opportunity to read and speak to students in an effort to engage, teach, and inspire community youth.
  • Execute the annual “Back-2-School Giveaway” which provides families with backpacks full of the necessary school supplies and books to help youth excel in their studies. Additionally, computers, printers, flash drives, graphing calculators, and more will be raffled off to students in hopes that the less fortunate will stay abreast ever-changing technological trends.
  • Motivate youth and build their confidence, positive self-esteem, and an eagerness to learn by featuring students and their honor roll achievements within the “Honor Roll Spotlight” in our bi-annual TFMJF Newsletter.
  • Annually award eight eligible applicants the Advancement of Women in Sports & Entertainment Scholarship with the goal providing women with a little support on their mission to achieve their goal of working in a field in which they are underrepresented (see scholarships for more information).