Our Mission

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation strives to empower community alliances, impact youth leadership, promote health and wellness, and strengthen family foundations through community development, entrepreneurialism, and education resulting in a wholesome community.


Our Vision

The Present:

Incorporate early intervention initiatives while promoting proper health and maintenance programs to community members of all ages.

  • Embrace and apply best practices within the health and wellness community.
  • Form community alliances where awareness and empowerment serve as the nucleus for an improved quality of life.
  • Provide stimulating activities for the youth and bridge strong partnerships with the organizations that care for them as well.


The Future:

  • Actively reduce potential threats to health and quality of life of the community at large by working with community leaders to properly manage problems that may arise from urbanization and commercialization.
  • Engender and promote a sincere dialogue amongst community residents, health professionals and organizations, that allow residents to share stories, build strong social networks, and receive practical health and wellness information.


The Need:

  • All educational institutions, organizations, and corporations within the community must unite to take an active stance in the pursuit of satisfactory health and wellness for all within the community.
  • Community members must be proactive and strengthen their awareness and concerns about the importance of maintaining good health and seeking information that is beneficial to their wellness.

The Plan:

  • Cultivate greater stability and prosperity for community members.
  • Propose and promote workshops, presentations, and roundtables that focus on economics, personal financial management, and other basic requirements that may lead to a more prosperous life.
  • Strengthen community alliances and partnerships with organizations and corporations whose missions or services align with the foundation.

The Belief:

  • Every child – regardless of race, religion or economic ranking – has the right to a quality education.
  • Motivated students with positive self-esteem and an eagerness to learn are key components in arguing for better educational standards and increased resources.


The Requirements:

  • Programs that focus on early childhood literacy and vigorously combat less than stellar likelihood of education success and above average high school dropout rates.
  • Financial literacy programs that instill basic sensibilities of personal finance and education regarding economic prosperity.
  • A reliable blueprint within the educational system that will support and enable students to excel beyond the classroom.

Floyd's Vision

I want you all to grow up and be the best at what you do! Don’t focus on being the next Floyd Mayweather or anyone else. I want you to be better than me or whomever you think is the best at what they do. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t be or what you can’t do. Follow your dreams and always believe in yourself.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Director

Make A Difference

We sincerely express our appreciation to everyone who has supported our hard work and dedication to the community since 2009. We strive to make a prevailing difference and would not be successful without your continued support. There are several ways you can contribute to making our efforts more impactful and reward the cause you love.

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